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In Plain Sight Exhibit Launch

Greenwich Village Alliance

May 9, 2022

(Snippet...) IItems include three temporary public art installations in Astor Place by Kristina Libby that bring to life a new series of animals known as Chunkos. The Chunkoswere created as a universe of animals based on keystone animals. These big apex animals created whole ecosystems by being themselves. Utilizing animal forms within modern cultures and textures, Libby’s work draws attention to and invokes conversation with the concepts illuminated within the animal works. The Chunkosreappear in different mediums and activities throughout the 8th Street Corridor.

“Last year, I created a COVID-19 Memorial Project known as the Floral Heart Projectand this year, I wanted to create something more joyful and inspiring,” shared Libby. “The Chunkos are help the world by being themselves. That was a message I really wanted to share with everyone and inspire people to do the things that come naturally to them in service of the world around them. Art is a powerful form of activism and these characters help to connect with people of all ages”

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