The Chunkos

Ellie Chunko Art Prize
Grimo Chunko Art Prize
Chunkos in NYC
Chunkos in NYC
Chunkos in NYC


These "joy monsters" want to help you figure out how to live your biggest and best life. 

One way they do that is by serving as pediatric care companions in hospital scenarios.  

The Chunkos are a universe of animals who the struggle between being who they are told to be and the interests, ideas, and desires that question those normative beliefs. 

They know, that it may seem easier to wear a mask, sometimes, than it does to be their big, full selves. 


Yet what does the world really need?


For everyone to be their whole self. The more complex and dynamic you are, the more you can create a thriving world. . 

When you LIVE BIG, you Improve the world. 

Herschel Chunko_edited.jpg


Herschel never found a meal he didn't love. A snack-monster with a rebel spirit, he always finds himself getting into unexpected jams... but an unexpected jam is fine if there is peanut butter. 

Grimo in Astor Place - Chunko_edited_edited.png


Grimo thinks he'd like to be in a goth band. He doesn't get why everyone is always telling him to smile. Sometimes he wants to sit in all his complicated emotions and cry. And, that feels fine too. 

Ellie Chunko


Ellie likes to talk to everyone, all the time about everything. She's never met someone she didn't want to be best friends with, and within five minutes they know it.

Coming soon... Animated stories in the Chunkos universe. 

Artist Kristina Libby Chunkos


Kristina Libby is an installation and fine art artist who lives in New York City. 

She created the Chunkos after a traumatic brain injury led her to pursue an arts-inclusive lifestyle. In unearthing her painting and sculpting practices, she realized that she was more joyful, more happy and making a much bigger impact on the world than she ever did before by embracing a more full version of herself.


What if everyone did this she wondered? What would the world be like? Her conclusive answer: better. 

Libby's work has been discussed and reviewed in the New York Times, Washington Post, NY Post, NY Magazine, NBC, ABC, FOX amongst many others. Notably, her public art series "The Floral Heart Project" was cited as the catalyst for the introduction of COVID-19 memorial legislation in both the US Congress and with the US Congress of Mayors.

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