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The Chunkos are character-driven experiences that help to improve the patient care journey for children in hospital settings.


These characters take the form of sculpture, animation and interactive experience so as to

  • a.) improve a child's relationship with visiting a hospital,

  • b.) improve a child's experience while at a hospital. 

The Chunko characters are "best friends" providing entertainment, companionship and amusement while in the hospital environment. 


In time, Chunkos will become members of the nursing staff by transferring information about patient needs, wants and concerns directly to the nursing community within a facility, thereby helping nurses to prepare for, engage with, and support children who may struggle to interact with or be afraid of adults. 

What's A Pediatric Care companion?

The Chunkos want to make the world around them more creative, comforting, and imaginative. Because, they know that the more we see, learn and are inspired, the more resilient and hopeful we become. 


That's why they asked to go to hospitals and accompany children as they navigate the complex experience of being in the hospital system. 

How it works


Large scale sculptures provide real-world companions for children.


Episodic animation provides stories, and opportunities for co-creation with patients. 


Using augmented reality, IoT technology, and interactive gaming, the Chunkos become not just art, or entertainment but friends.

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Bring the chunkos to your hospital or care facility

Our pilot programs are starting this fall, and we are thrilled to have hospitals excited about this opportunity. If you would like to join our Winter co-hort,

please email: kristina 

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