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17 Public Art Exhibits to See in June

Irene Madrigal

Jun 1, 2022

From June 10-12, In Plain Sight—an immersive animal-themed public art exhibition—will be on display in Greenwich Village along 8th Avenue from Astor Place to the Ruth Wittenberg Triangle. Created in partnership between the Village Alliance Business Improvement District and artist Kristina Libby, the exhibit seeks to represent the unique history of animals in art and the neighborhood’s architecture to celebrate the creativity and resilience of all New Yorkers. As the name suggests, each animal piece is hidden “in plain sight” throughout abandoned storefronts, shops, restaurants, and the street. In Plain Sightintends to mimic scavenger hunts—an activity popularized during the 1990s by the American Association for the Advancement and Appreciation of Animals in Art and Architecture, which took members on tours to spot local artists who created animal pieces inspired by their lives in New York City.

Included in the exhibition are three temporary public art installations in Astor Place by Libby which depict Chunkos, a universe of animals based on keystone species that have created whole ecosystems by being themselves. Besides Libby’s work, In Plain Sight will also feature work from 10 additional artists such as Natale Agdnot, whose abstract drawings and sculptures explore the concept of cognitive dissonance and logical fallacy, and Elizabeth Pillsbury, a ceramic artist, historian, and teacher interested in how everyday people find beauty in their surroundings. For individuals interested in delving deeper into Libby’s work, the artist will facilitate an interactive painting exercise at Astor Place from 5-7 p.m. on June 10th.

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